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Hi-Lite Electric, Inc. is a North Carolina registered commercial electrical contractor company that was established in 2000 by Mark McGrath. In 2003 his partner Patrick Bouchard joined the Hi-Lite Electric, Inc. team. Mark and Patrick are licensed electricians and share over 50 years of electrical experience.

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Our lighting and electrical expertise, impeccable customer service, along with loyalty, dedication and hard work from all employees, have led this company to tremendous growth over the last seventeen years.

Hi-Lite Electric, Inc. is a full service electrical and lighting solution firm that has a special interest in helping clients achieve cost savings through efficient energy management solutions and lighting management.

When it comes to electrical and lighting systems, we have the skill and experience to handle any electrical problem your business may encounter.

Whether it's lighting or sign maintenance, troubleshooting electrical problems, or finding ways to reduce electrical costs, Hi-Lite Electric, Inc. is pleased to serve your business quickly and professionally.

Hi-Lite Electric, Inc. offers quick, reliable lighting and electrical maintenance with energy savings in mind!

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Contact Hi-Lite Electric, Inc to set up a NO cost Commercial Lighting Audit and to receive a NO obligation lighting retrofit proposal that includes all available state grant, utility rebates, and federal tax incentives.
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