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Really Convenient Scheduling

They were fantastic. We benefited for LED Lite Pros rebate program. They came to our business and made everything very easy for us. They made sure to avoid our business hours when scheduling by coming on the weekend and overall did a really good job. They even came early in the morning per my request with no complaints. I really appreciated how flexible they were to fit our scheduling needs. Furthermore, we had a real mess in the building due to some construction that was happening, and they happily worked around it. No complaints at all! 

~ K. Braddock Raleigh, NC


LED Lite Pros were able to fulfill all of the needs for my store in a timely manner. They were also willing to check back a few weeks later and make sure everything was working fine. I had contractors that came in after LED Lite Pros that made some complications, and LED Lite Pros wanted to help, although it wasn't their fault. So that was great. Also, the price was great. I would recommend them, and I already have. They have absolutely made a great impression on me.

~ Alex C. – Raleigh, NC

Above and Beyond Expectations

In this day and age it's rare for people to do exactly what they say they are going to do and I felt that LED Lite Pros went above and beyond that. I was tickled pink. They showed up when they said they would and finished faster than they estimated. There were even a couple of lights they replaced that weren't on the work order. They replaced them anyway free of charge. The pricing was very competitive. I was very pleased and I would certainly recommend them to anybody.

~ J. Lindley ~ Raleigh, NC

Good Company To Work With

LED Lite Pros replaced exterior and interior around my salon building. Colleen was the young lady we worked with the most. Their customer service was great and I'm happy with the work.

~ J. Montague

Very good company, very professional and reliable.

We've been working with LED close to a year now, maybe 8 months. We manage a few 100,000 square feet of commercial real estate, and LED puts up lights for us. I'm sure I found them through an internet search, they're a local company. They've been really great, initially we had a big process and we took several proposals, and theirs was the most cost-effective and showed the best response to what we were looking for. On an ongoing basis, we continue to use them because of their service and their expertise in their field. Jobs aren't always straightforward and they'll offer us options, so as things progress they come with good solutions and deliver on their promises very consistently. Their pricing is good as well, I'd say it's aggressive, and their timeliness is also very good. I'd recommend working with them. 

~  Jeremy G. - Raleigh, NC

Really good pricing and great work, very prompt

We learned about LED Lite pros through a recommendation. They changed out all of the fluorescent lights in our store to LEDs. Their pricing is excellent, it's really good compared to others, and they came out really quickly after we set up the appointment, within 2 weeks of calling. They were here for maybe 3 hours and I think they did a great job, the lights are working excellent.

~ David D - Raleigh, NC

Satisfied customer!

LED Lite Pros converted our regular lights to led lights. They were punctual, delivered on their promises. I'm very satisfied with the results and highly recommend their service.

~ A. Saad – Garner, NC

Very polite and nice gentleman and the lights look very good.

LED Lite Pros was very good. The gentleman that came here to do the work, he was very polite and very well mannered. I really don't have anything bad at all to say about him. He took care of the light installation that we needed. It's new lights that are trendy right now and supposedly, they will save money in the utility bill. That's what he said, now we will have to wait and see if that's what happens. It is true that it's very bright and nice here now, you can see things much better and you can even see inside even from across the street and that wasn't the case before. Mostly, I want to know that the electricity bill comes to next month when we get it. Everything was good. 

– L. Martinez – Cary, NC

They Get It Right The First Time!

We're are so excited and pleased with LED Lite Pros and all the work they've done for us. We've had a great business relationship for the past 5-6 years. What I like the most is Gary has led us down the right path to update our lights and save money on our utility bill. The updates have also helped save us money on repairs. I feel like i made the right decision doing business with Gary. The pricing is always upfront, we always know what we're paying, and nothing is hidden. Doing business with Gary is easy because he makes sure we get it right the first time. We are a family run business with parking lots and buildings across the state of N. Carolina, the service over the years has been everything we expected and more. Gary always has lighting tips that keep our lots safe and we're getting ready to do some replacements inside some of our building too. I've dealt with other companies but none of them came by and checked up on us. They brought donuts every now and then, but never checked on the properties or let us know about tax cuts through the government like Gary has. Truth be told, Gary hasn't brought us donuts yet (hahaha), but that's ok because I know he cares about the long-term business relationship. He makes sure we get our work right the first time, saves us money, and time. I'd highly recommend his service

.- Mark B. - Raleigh, NC

I would recommend LED Lite Pros, LLC. because they did what they said they were going to do and because they did it fast. This was my first time needing their service and I was satisfied, I will use again if I ever need them.

~ Chris H. – Fuquay-Varina, NC

Everything went well with LED Lite Pros. They were here for a few days installing a lot of lights. We used them for a business. After the installation, they went back and fixed a few things, like small lights that went out here and there. Everything is done now, and they did a terrific job.

~ C. Roche ~ Cary, NC

Everything was fine!

This is the first time I've used LED Lite Pros, and they did everything and took care of it, and got it all done as quick as possible. They just installed all new light bulbs in my shop and put new light bulbs in the paint booth. And, they did not interfere with our work--they had everything set up.

~ B. Harrington ~ Fuquay-Varina, NC

LED Lite Pros did a lighting upgrade--from fluorescent to LED--at my business, and the lights are great. The work took place during our normal business hours and LED Lite Pros was excellent. It was our first time using them and, because they were mindful about their work, we were able to do our work in a comfortable way while they were upgrading our lights.

~ C. Randall – Raleigh, NC

We love the new lights!

LED Lite Pros replaced all of the light bulbs in our warehouse to LED lighting and they also put up new fixtures in our warehouse and shop building and around the exterior. So far, it's been very good. We've only had the new bulbs for a short amount of time but we're hoping they last up to ten years, as promised. They finished the jobs on time and we would recommend them, they were a great company to work with.

~ D. Alberry

Excellent job!  

They take very good care of their customers. The electricians from LED Lite Pros changed all our LED lights and everything, including the kitchen and refrigerator. The electricians were very nice and very on time. It was our first time calling them, and I liked the color of the light bulbs and the way they did it. They used warm-level color for the dining room, and used bright lights for the kitchen; they decided that and I like it. They were very good, very polite, and very professional.

~ B. Lu – Cary, NC 

Easy, affordable and great. We are very happy with the results.

LED Lite Pros came in and they took out the bulbs we had which were fluorescent and they replaced them with nice brighter light bulbs and they made it so easy. We had gotten a price from someone else that was going to do the same thing but they were going to charge almost $1400 or so, but, I guess that because of the government rebate program, it was much cheaper to do it with LED Lite Pros, they were great, made it very easy and we are very happy with the result.

 ~ J. Walter – Cary, NC 

They've always done a good job. They retrofitted all of our buildings with fluorescent lighting and retrofitted all the LED outdoor lighting. They did all the installation for us and did a great job. the quality of their service is great and the pricing is reasonable. I have had no problem with anything that they've done. 

~ Chip H – Hamer, SC

Efficient, professional, and a great company to do business with.  We had Hi-Lite Electric come to our company and replace florescent lights with LED lights and they did a great job. They came during a weekend and got it done within a few days. Gary was responsive and up front throughout the entire process and everything went very, very well. This was our first experience with Hi-Lite Electric and we would highly recommend them.

~ Paul S. – Raleigh, NC

Hi-Lite Electric replaced some lighting fixtures and basically upgraded everything from T-12 to T-8. The project went well. There were no problems and they got it done quickly. Their prices were fair. I wanted to mention Gary, the owner, because he was the one I worked with and he provided great customer service.

- Bobby S – Siler City

Hi-Lite Electric came for an initial assessment and adapted based on my budget and circumstance. I wanted the lights in our office building converted but didn't want to toss them. They came in and installed 2x4 light inlays throughout the building and then leveraged our rebate. I appreciate that they didn't take all of our money once we got our rebate, we gave them the net amount afterwards and we were satisfied with how they conducted everything. The people at Hi-Lite Electric are professional, attentive, and we hope to do business with them soon.

- Bob D. – Raleigh, NC

Hi-Lite Electric actually replaced every single one of our lights, so I can actually see. Working in a retail store, lights are especially important. It was a good experience overall. They did it quickly and on time, and they weren't in the way. They did both our stores and most important is the convenience of the service and being able to run the store while they were doing it.

 - Tim C. – Raleigh, NC

We hired Hi-Lite Electric to do a job in timely manner and they did that. They refitted all of the lights at a 175,000 SF commercial building. It was our first time using them, and they were punctual and did an excellent job. The price for service was fine and about what we expected it to be. They worked with us very well and, while they were actually doing work in the building, they were able to work around our process so we could do what we needed to do on normal day. We would use them again if we had a need come up like this again.

 - T. Shannahan - Zebulon, NC

Hi-Lite Electric installed outside lighting around the building and redid the warehouse lights with motion sensors. The two guys that did the work were very professional and stuck with it until late in the evening. When they found an issue, instead of telling me it was my problem, they went ahead and took care of it. They were very responsive after finding out that we needed lighting. We decided to do the work around Christmas, and Gary worked with us to get it done. We were impressed with the first project Hi-Lite Electric did and we are working with them on another potential project to replace old lighting fixtures.  There is good follow-up from Gary and the company, and there are no complaints

 - C. Langston – Raleigh, NC 

Good service for several years!  Hi-Lite Electric installed a new lighting system at the company where I work. Gary, the sales person, was always there to answer our questions. He did quite a few follow-ups with us to make sure everything was done to our satisfaction. Do not hesitate to give Hi-Lite Electric the opportunity to give a price quote.

 - J. Hazi – Wendell, NC

Excellent service!  Technicians from Hi-Lite Electric Inc. re-lamped the front office and high bay portion of our facility. Everything went very smoothly. They were very professional in performing their work and did a great job cleaning up the work site. I recommend Hi-Lite Electric Inc. for great service at a reasonable price. 

 - Todd M. - Greenwood, SC

A quality experience!  Hi-Lite Electric Inc. was super professional. The quality of their work was great, and their staff was very responsive to questions. They were very thorough, and provided a lot of information about the return on investment for the electrical work they were doing. 

- W. Cook - Morrisville, NC

Very good experience, everything was exactly as it should be!  Hi-Lite Electric was very responsive to everything we asked. They got back to me right away. After the installation I had a question, and he checked on it that night and got back to me the next morning. They give good customer service!

-H. Margulies – Raleigh, NC

"My commercial space feels like a whole new building. Incredible job.  Hi-Lite Electric installed 45 lights in my commercial building, replacing the old lighting system and increasing the intensity from what it was. It feels like a whole new building. Mark, one of the owners, checked in with me throughout the whole process and made sure what needed to get done got done. They were clean and organized, and they did an incredible job."

– W. Hildebrand – Cary, NC

They stand behind their work!  Hi-Lite Electric does what they say they will. Their prices are reasonable, they stand behind everything they say they'll do for us. They get jobs done in the time frame they said they will! 
- T. Grno – Garner, NC
A pleasure to work with.  I liked the way that HI-LITE ELECTRIC INC took care of the S.C.E.&G incentive for us. They took care of all the paperwork. Once they got the approval, they scheduled the appointment, and showed up on time. They were very professional, and very helpful. They did everything that they said they would. I would definitely recommend them.  
-S. Craven – Summerville, SC
The staff and service of Hi-Lite Electric are first class. The entire process of replacing all of our parking lot lighting went smoothly and the staff was always available for any questions. The peace of mind in having updated lighting for the public is priceless. We would highly recommend Hi-Lite Electric to anyone
- B. Poole – Knightdale, NC
"Excellent Service!"
-  J. Cremeans – Cary, NC
We had all our exterior and parking lot lighting upgraded from the original 1970's lighting. Gary was great to work with. His job quote was very professionally done and easy to read and understand. He listened to our need for a brighter, energy efficient solution and we'll have 100% return on our investment in less than 5 years with our new LED lighting. Staff feel safer coming and going after dark now and no more loitering leftovers every morning. Thanks Hi-Lite!  
-Scott K. – Raleigh, NC

"Gary and Colleen did an exceptional job on my new building. The lighting looks better than it ever has. I would recommend them to anyone in the area looking to redo a commercial property. They were incredible to deal with and very accommodating and the price was absolutely fair."
- J. Bradshaw - Raleigh, NC                                                 

"No problems - Hi-Lite Electric had done work for some of our other locations, and because they had done such a great job we decided to use them for our location in Charlotte. They upgraded all of the lighting in our warehouse and office, and their work was flawless with no problems. They were great, and I would highly recommend them!" 
-Russell C. – Charlotte, NC

“Customer service beyond expectations!  We hired Hi-Lite Electric to do a light retrofit in one of our buildings that was 54,000 square feet. The customer service was fantastic, they gave us immediate feedback. The sales person went above and beyond and the service after the sale was on point. They did a really good job.” 
-Richard A. – Ladson, SC 

"Hi-Lite Electric really gets the job done. They did an installation replacement of 400 light fixtures for us. They changed out our fluorescent lights for some LED lights. They were able to work in and around our production and fit all of our needs. They got the job done faster than we had planned, and everything turned out well. I would highly recommend them."        
-Elliott P. - Fayetteville, NC

"Hi-Lite Electric came in, took down some old, antiquated lights, and replaced them with fluorescent lights. They really increased the lighting intensity tremendously. Hi-Lite was really efficient, quick, and kept us up to date with the project.  Very pleased customer!"
 -Paul L. - Ladson, SC 

"HI-LITE ELECTRIC INC was very professional and quick. They came to replace lights that were not working in our business. They installed energy efficient lights and they made a major difference in our facility."  
-Gina M.- Siler City, NC

"Thorough and competent.  They did exactly what they said they were going to do at the price that was quoted. They replaced all the light fixtures in my warehouse. They made them more energy-efficient lights, and they made it a lot brighter with the same light fixtures I had. They're pretty fast, too. It was my first time using them, and I would certainly use them again."  
-Chris T. -  Durham, NC

"Hi-Lite Electric Inc. is an extremely professional company and thorough with their work. We needed a new lighting system, so we called them, scheduled the work, and they came on time. They cleaned up after themselves, and we didn't even know they were here. They came back and did a follow-up inspection and made sure we were happy with their work. Everything is working fine, and I have absolutely no complaints. There's no reason for us not to use them again." 
-Andrew H.- Cary, NC

"Our lighting upgrade was for the external lights only because our facility was configured with energy efficient lighting.  We chose Hi-Lite Electric due to our long term relationship with them.  They had previously upgraded our old facility.  Hi-Lite Electric did the job in a timely & cost effective manner. They reduced our energy cost and improved our light coverage.  I would recommend Hi-Lite to anyone who is considering a lighting upgrade."                          
-Howard M. - Faison, NC

"Our lighting system needed to be upgraded and a general contractor that we used, recommended Hi-Lite Electric Inc.  From the beginning Gary Neff delivered.  From the first point of contact, the walk thru, estimation process, to the very end of the job, including follow up after the job was complete to make sure we were fully satisfied, he was right there to answer any questions or assist us.  The electricians and technicians were professional and extremely knowledgeable and always had time for us if we had a question.  They worked during our normal business hours, worked quietly and efficiently, did not disrupt our daily schedule and they completed their work in a timely manner.  They upgraded all the lighting in our business, since then we have seen a much lower energy cost and combined with our solar panels we have seen a significant decrease in our electric bill.  A bonus was that we also received a rebate check from Duke Energy for updating to a more energy efficient system.  I would highly recommend them in the future."                                                    
-Deborah A. - Raleigh, NC

"We were given One-on-One attention, direct consulting and they did all the "run around" work for us. Hi-Lite Electric has great customer service, very fair pricing and having ONE go-to person for question, comment and concerns made it a relatively smooth process. They completed the work quickly and improved our work environment and decreased our lighting bill." 
-Amanda B. -  Franklinton, NC

"We have used Hi-Lite for work at our church over the years. This has included not only the various electrical projects the church has needed, but a consultant type role from Hi-Lite. The work has been timely, well done and fairly priced. Hi-Lite is responsive to "what if" requests. A phone call or a site visit even just to talk out a potential project, brings the same high level of service and consultative support we see in the various projects they have done for us"
-Douglas B. -  Cary, NC
"Overall I have had a wonderful experience working with Hi-Lite Electric Inc. and have nothing but good things to say about these folks. I think they have done a good job, provided accurate and timely results in an efficient manner and overall I think I've gotten a great value for the price paid. Everyone I have worked with through this company has been extremely polite and courteous towards me and I would absolutely recommend them to anybody else in the local area who is in need of a professional and detail-oriented electric solutions provider. I myself will continue to use them as needed be and have no complaints about the service
-Paul L. - Cary, NC
"This was my first time using HI-LITE ELECTRIC INC. I had them upgrade the lighting in my office and warehouse. They were able to make things more energy efficient. The cost savings has been very beneficial. The installation went very smoothly and all of the technicians were professional. I am very satisfied."
-Bob J. -  Taylor, SC
"Hi-Lite Electric did a lighting upgrade where they switched us to more efficient lighting while decreased our bulb variety. We chose Hi-Lite because of Gary's cold-call and it worked out great."
-Alan S. -  Mount Olive, NC
"Hi-Lite Electric did a complete up-fit of our overhead lights where we switched from T12 bulbs to High Efficiency T8 bulbs and the building is 72,000 square feet so, that's a lot of lights. I like that they're very responsive. We had good communication throughout so I was never left in a position where I didn't know what was going on. If I had any questions, I got answers right away. I'm very happy and I also very much liked seeing our reduced electric bills."
-Scott J. - Raleigh, NC
"Very professional, and done quickly. These guys did a great job. I could not be happier with my results. Gary was extremely knowledgeable."
-Brian M. -  Raleigh, NC
"Professional Company. Prompt with excellent work."
-Lisa S. - Siler City, NC
"I don't have any bad things to say about Hi-Lite Electric. They came out and did 90% of our complex. They retrofitted the lights with some LED and some energy-saving fluorescents. They did a good job for us."
-Chip H. -  Charleston, SC
"Hi-Lite Electric updated all the lighting in my home. We upgraded from floodlights to LED lighting. It is a much lower energy cost, and we are now spending less on our electric bill. The electrician was very professional and on time. There were no hidden costs on anything. Although it was an expensive job, we received some money back through rebate from Duke Energy. What Hi-Lite Electric promised the rebate to be was right on. They were professional, knowledgeable, and clean at the end of the job. They worked when it was convenient for us, and I will highly recommend them in the future."
-Errol B. -  Wendell, NC
"I've been working with Hi-Lite Electric for about nine or ten years. They're good, and any work I've had them do was very professionally done. There have been no issues to speak of, and I definitely recommend them! They definitely know their trade!"
-Michael M. -  Cary, NC
"Hi-Lite Electric did a payback analysis that was extremely accurate. When we got the first bill, our savings was almost exactly what they said it would be, so we expect to get our payback in the amount of time they projected which is uncommon. Others are usually not correct because they want you to buy something. They were prompt from the point that I gave them the contract to the point where they were here installing the material. It took a shorter period of time than I thought and they finished ahead of schedule. It was also nice that they didn't get in our way. They did their work during the day while we operated. We are a busy warehouse business but they never impeded our work."
-Paul B. -  Raleigh, NC
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