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Lamp Recycling Solutions

Lamp Recycling Solutions Cary NC - Commercial Lighting Company, Energy Audit - Hi-Lite Electric Inc - recyclingDepending on your size, needs, and budget we have developed a service that will help make sense of your recycling program for lamps. In addition to lamps, we also offer ballast, battery, and e-waste recycling services for your business or home.

Option 1: Bulk Pickup Recycling Services

My Eco Lamp's bulk pickup service is the perfect way to recycle large quantities of various types of universal waste, saving money over smaller recycling solutions while keeping the environment healthy and your facility safe.
Facilities utilizing My Eco Lamp's Bulk Pickup Recycling Services can:
  • Dispose of and recycle large amounts of intact or crushed lamps, ballasts, batteries, or electronic waste
  • Enjoy lower costs compared to other smaller recycling solutions
  • Schedule pickups whenever and wherever they are needed
  • Constantly monitor and track their progress with online recycling reports coming soon
  • Certify their recycling progress with official certificates of recycling
  • Experience excellent customer service throughout the whole bulk pickup process

Option 2: PRE-PAID Recycling

For smaller facilities, try using our pre-paid recycling program, EasyPak. One price includes shipping to the recycling center, recycling fees and a Certificate of Recycling. Once you receive your containers, fill them up with waste at your own pace. Each container is pre-printed with simple step-by-step instructions in English and Spanish. Containers are UN approved for safe storage and transport.
Call FedEx For A Pickup
When a container is filled and sealed, call FedEx to schedule your pre-paid pickup. Your container will be delivered for recycling to one of our permitted facilities located within the United States.
Not sure which solution is right for you? Contact us to speak to a specialist