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Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofit Services

Commercial LED Lighting Cary NC - Installations & Retrofits, Maintenance Service - Hi-Lite Electric - lightingLighting is essential for every business and can represent as much as 50% of industrial and commercial electrical consumption.

Lighting systems that are well-maintained will result in lower overall maintenance costs, increased light levels, and cooler operating temperatures.

Your business may even experience improved sales, better employee morale, productivity and safety, all because of better lighting.

Lighting Services Include:

  • Pole Lighting Installation & Sign Maintenance
  • Energy Saving Lighting Retrofits
  • Group Relamping
  • Ballast Replacement
  • High-rise Lighting & Sign Maintenance
  • Recycling Lamps and Ballasts
  • For lighting retrofits, start with a Professional Lighting Audit
It’s impossible to engineer a lighting retrofit solution without a comprehensive audit! Our Free Lighting Audits are the perfect way to start a large lighting retrofit project.

Why a lighting audit?

A good audit is much more than just counting fixtures, and should allow your lighting provider to simulate your facility environment based on an exhaustive collection of data. Any retrofit recommendation not based on an attentive and detailed audit is highly suspect. An inadequate audit not only fails to provide the greatest opportunity for energy savings, it can cost you down the road in change orders and system modifications, increased maintenance and productivity.

Our qualified and experienced auditors will:

  • Recognize opportunities for controls and daylighting
  • Understand light level requirements by task (as defined by IESNA)
  • Know your objectives so our engineers can provide the right recommendations for you to choose from


Hi-Lite Electric, Inc. offers maintenance on all types of existing lighting systems, and can help your company save thousands of energy dollars by installing new high performance lighting.