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Self Funded Financing

Energy Project Financing Made Easy

Through Hi-Lite Electric, Inc. US Energy Capital provides 100% project financing for energy-saving upgrades that can reduce energy costs up to 40% or more! Their special financing allows you to become Energy Efficient Now!

Financing includes equipment costs and all soft costs such as: installation, programming and engineering. We know that you don’t want to create a drain on your cash flow or tie up your bank credit lines to fund your energy savings improvements.

Self-Funding Energy Upgrades

The monthly project costs can be paid from the savings on your monthly power bills, so the project is “Self-Funding”. In addition, Utility and State incentives or rebates can be financed and returned to your cash flows.
  • Loans for $10,000 to $10,000,000
  • Terms from 2 – 6 years – Longer terms for Municipal Financing
  • Fixed rates and payments for easy budgeting
  • Lines of Credit to fund multiple projects over a 6 month period
  • Payment schedules to meet your specific needs – seasonal, quarterly
    or “Hi-Low”
  • Additional equipment can be financed along with your energy project for needed improvements to your facilities
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The advantages of using Self Funded Financing through us, instead of your bank credit line, are listed below.


  • Less paper-work - easy 1 page credit application
  • Quick credit decisions – usually within 24 to 72 hours depending on size and financial requirements
  • Simple “Application Only” process for credit decisions up to $75K
  • Straight forward credit policy without Restrictive Covenants
  • No minimum balances
  • No debt to equity or cash flow ratios
  • No blanket UCCs or “here after acquired” clauses

Simple Loan Structure

  • 100% financing includes soft costs, such as installation
  • Rates & Payments are fixed for the term – to make Budgeting easy
  • Longer loan terms available - 60 months, and in some cases up to 72 months
  • Flexible payment options to meet your needs, i.e. seasonal, hi-low or graduated payment
  • Lower payments allow you to buy more advanced or higher quality equipment.

Intelligent Use of Credit

  • Don’t tie up your hard to establish credit lines that could be better used for future development, expansion, high yield investment opportunities, working capital or inventory.
  • Establish a “line of credit” as a source of capital for ongoing energy upgrade projects and other equipment acquisitions.
  • We can often finance energy incentives or rebates, providing you with additional cash!
Call us today at (919) 467-5554 and we will show you a detailed self funded plan, so you can start your retrofit project right away!